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People who suffered a serious accident. So the result is the same. "O" doesn't have any antigen, so "A" can't create any antigen against him. "AB" Doesn't create any antibodies and they accept everyone equally. But the most important blood groups and this video will focus are the ABO and RH. People that is being operated and many, many people with cancer..

But they can only do it just once. But, there are people that have both, "AB". Due to they don't have neither "A" neither "B", they make antibodies against everyone. But Negative RH it's better to just receive negatives. And if you have none you're negative. Now with "O". Obviously it can mix with himself but can't mix with "AB". And "O", it's OK too.

We'll use this chart where we will mix up and we'll se what mixes are admitted. Type "A" creates antibodies that against the type "B". "B" Creates antibodies against the "A". The four blood types can be positive and negative. From here we can deduce that "O" are the universal donors. So what happens with "AB"?. To better understand it and avoid to cause mistakes and deaths. As you can see. The red blood cells are agglutinated. So as we know "O" has no antigens. 3d39b66ab9
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